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Pawsitive K9 Trainer

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Services & Payment

  Puppy Class

Puppy Class consists of 6 one hour lessons. The first meeting is an orientation for just the owners. (No puppies please at first lesson.)  We will cover the following: House training, basic commands such as sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, and more. 

  Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in your home at your convenience. These lessons offer the same information as puppy class if you have a new puppy. Lessons can also be tailored to meet the needs of older dogs.

 Advanced Puppy Class

Advanced Puppy class offers the chance to practice what you have learned in puppy class in the form of games and scenarios. You will learn new ways to build the bond between you and your dog as well!

Pawsitive K9  Workshop

Workshops are available to help you work on different topics to help you build a better bond with your dog. Sessions are an hour and a half long and offered by the number of people interested at different times throughout the year. Call for more information! 913.209.9420